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  • free|wheel|er — «FREE HWEE luhr», noun. U.S. Slang. 1. an independent person. 2. = free spender. (Cf. ↑free spender) …   Useful english dictionary

  • free|wheel — «FREE HWEEL», noun, verb. –n. 1. a clutchlike device in the transmission of an automobile that disengages when the drive shaft turns faster than the shaft from the engine and engages when the speeds are equal. 2. a device on a bicycle that allows …   Useful english dictionary

  • free|wheel|ing — «FREE HWEE lihng», adjective, noun. –adj. 1. coasting freely; having or using a freewheel. 2. Figurative. acting freely or without restraint; untrammeled and independent: »a freewheeling pioneer, a freewheeling discussion. –n. the use of a… …   Useful english dictionary

  • free·wheel·ing — /ˌfriːˈwiːlıŋ/ adj : free and loose in style or manner : not held back by rules, duties, or worries a freewheeling young adventurer She led a freewheeling life in the city. : not controlled or limited a freewheeling discussion/investigation …   Useful english dictionary

  • free wheel — device in the transmission of an automobile; device on a bicycle …   English contemporary dictionary

  • free wheel — …   Useful english dictionary

  • free-wheel — …   Useful english dictionary

  • wheel — free·wheel·er; un·wheel; wheel; wheel·age; wheel·bar·row·er; wheel·er; wheel·less; wheel·man; thumb·wheel; wheel·er dealer; wheel·ie; …   English syllables

  • free — free; free·boot; free·boot·er; free·dom; free·dom·ism; free·dom·ist; free·dom·is·tic; free·dom·ite; free·hold·er; free·lage; free·ly; free·man; free·mar·tin; free·ma·son; free·ma·son·ry; free·ness; free·sia; free·styl·er; free·wheel·er; un·free;… …   English syllables

  • free — adj., adv., & v. adj. (freer; freest) 1 not in bondage to or under the control of another; having personal rights and social and political liberty. 2 (of a State, or its citizens or institutions) subject neither to foreign domination nor to… …   Useful english dictionary

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